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Solar Energy Structure Installation Processing Method Overview

Floor beam and modular construction processing methods of ISON is a produce improved innovatively from previous construction processing methods, developing floor beam construction methods in the use of products formed with high-intensity and anti-corrosive metal materials (PosMac) and modular construction processing methods for moving the assembled solar energy module from the field shop to the location of installation and actually installing them with the devices for the first time in the world. This modular processing method enhances stableness and durability of the assembly quality while simplifying the installation process and reducing the costs

Characteristics of floor beam and modular processing methods (1 grade construction processing methods in the carbon certificate)

  • Foundation and structure separating methods ▶ Foundation structure combined modular processing methods
  • Weld manufacturing and zinc plating methods process ▶ Productions of anti-corrosive raw materials with specifications in the factory and bolt fastening methods

Solar energy development structure uses the most outstanding materials in terms of anti-corrosiveness applying optimal design and construction processing method to use products stably for more than 50 years. They have the following characteristics.

  1. Floor beam construction processing method is eco-friendly without using concrete or applying welding work
  2. It is available to easily assemble structures produced from the factory with specifications in the field representing high quality and shortening the installation time.
  3. Raw materials with high anti-corrosiveness (PosMac) without changes in intensity or corrosiveness for a long time
  4. Assembly of structure does not cause corrosiveness on a potential difference by using MacBolt with high anti-corrosiveness.
  5. Designed with structure without welding work, it is simple to proceed manufacturing process. Without non-conforming elements on the assembly and installation process, the error in the construction is the least among all other construction processing methods.
  6. No wastes from the structure by demolishing after using the power plant and 100% recyclable

What is floor beam?

As a method to use the solar energy structure that used previous concrete foundation or zinc plated screw files in the past with floor foamed beams produced in specifications from the factory, it is a new construction processing method with shortened construction period and cost reducing effect as it has high stableness and durability of the product with convenient installation.

What is modular construction processing method?

It is the patented construction processing method of ISON Solar Corporation delivering and installing the combined products assembled in the factory based on solar energy module, supportive structure, and horizontal beam after the arrangement.

What is PosMac (abbreviation for POSCO Magnesium Aluminum alloy coating product)

Product name of POSCO, the world-renowned steel company. As a product plated with grade chemicals alloy (Zn- 94.5%, Mg-3%, and AL-2.5%) with outstanding anti-corrosiveness, it is a product with outstanding anti-corrosiveness for 5 times higher than the regular melted zinc plated steel plates attached with alloy.

What is carbon certificate policy?

It is a policy for certifying the total amount of green gas emitted from the entire periods of a product including production, distribution, and disposal of raw materials.

Advantages of floor beam module


As a modular construction processing method with the foundation construction with floor beams, it is convenient to assemble and uses devices to install them. Therefore, there is a high effect in reducing the costs for construction.

02.Enhanced quality and stableness

Foundation of solar energy structure installed on the ground is divided into ground cutting and dirt piled areas causing issues on the stableness due to different degree of penetration as time passes. This is the foundation construction processing method to minimize this issue.

03.Convenience of construction

As there is no need to adjust location and height of structure when constructing it in the field, it is available to promote convenience and prevent the issues of error in the construction from poor adjustment.
As a standardized product from the factory, delivery is fast without causing difference in the quality, and both experienced technicians and regular people are able to easily install and assemble them.

04.Eco-friendly products

Use anti-corrosive steel eco-friendly materials (PosMac) of POSCO, there is no pollution on the soil. If demolishing, they are fully recyclable (grade 1 carbon certificate construction processing method)

Stability review of floor beam construction processing method

As a floor beam foundation construction processing method in the use of products made with high intensity and anti-corrosive metals (PoSMac), it is an eco-friendly foundation construction in the use of gravity including the weight of a structure and the supporting force from friction of ground from vertical plane of excavation as well as weight of soil on the floor beam.

Vertical gravity force according to the depth of excavation including the weight of structure

Model: ISS -282S (single leg standardized and anchored type with 2 layers and 8 columns) 8m x 4m, slope: 20 degree

Test results of anti-corrosiveness of solar energy structure materials

Comparison of anti-corrosiveness of plate between Melted zinc plated materials (GI (H)) / Galvarium (CCT)

PosMac has outstanding anti-corrosiveness on the planar portion for 5 to 10 times higher than the melted zinc plated steel plate. In addition, PosMac shows outstanding anti-corrosiveness that is equivalent with or higher than Galvarium.

※Touch and move left and right.
CCT GL(H) Galvarium PosMAC
Total of both sides of plating 120g/㎡ 200g/㎡ 300g/㎡ 600g/㎡ 100g/㎡ 140g/㎡ 200g/㎡ 275g/㎡
10 cycle(80Hr)
70 cycle(560Hr)
120 cycle(960Hr)
How to test: CCT test : CCT시험(Cyclic Corrosion Test)
CCT 1 cycle: 2 hours for spraying the salt water -> Dry -> Moisturize

After fastening to the PosMac steel plate

Results of comparison on the corrosiveness on potential difference after proceeding 1000 hours of spraying sale water

  • STS 304 Bolt
  • Hot Dip Galvaizing Bolt
  • MAC Coating Bolt
    Products used when manufacturing solar energy structure

Examples of wrong construction


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